Services we provide to promote your products, services or company image ...

bulletSales channel design and development
bulletProduct or service representation
bulletDistribution management
bulletDealer selection
bulletKey account development
bulletProduct presentation
bulleteBusiness development
bulletWeb page design and updates
bulletProduct appeals analysis
bulletProduct launch
bulletProduct stories and white papers
bulletCollateral development
bulletAdvertising strategy
bulletPress releases
bulletCompetitive analysis
bulletTrade show selection
bulletPositioning for company and products
bulletProduct and market mix and fit analysis
bulletMarket research
bulletIndustry intelligence
bulletMarketing audit
bulletSales asset management

and many more ...

Westhill develops solutions to market and sell your products, services and processes.  Our experience with product market fit, product launch, product life cycle and sales channel design and development allows us to work with your firm to grow revenue.

We provide services in support of selling your product, service or processes.  By knowing your products and their fit to the market, we can streamline the marketing elements needed whether marketing collateral development, trade show selection or influencing key industry people, we can place your products, services or processes within the key target markets with strategies that give you the best possible chance for success. 


Plan your service offering with needs and appeals that will capture and hold customers for the long run.  Often services have elements that customers donít see or touch.  So, you have to add tangible rewards and high touch feelings to the marketing mix.  Do it with care and planning to get the right results.  keying on appeals generates the thrust for promotion and sales.


Positioning: Positioning in a complex market requires analysis, market direction, and a lot of gut feel from many people.  In a positioning exercise we take the time to evaluate markets, map the players, estimate the future of the industry and place our company and products in the position that will give optimum benefit in sales and profits.

Branding: Branding gives your product and service a unique identity and stands in the mind of the customer.  It allows you to avoid the traps of line extension which can be painful if not controlled, and creates pride within your organization that allows your people to promote and sell with reassurance. 

Appeals: One single word that totally describes marketing.  The key to how a customer relates to your company and your product.  How does your company and your products and services appeal to the customer Ė or not?

Product Launch: With over 25 years marketing and sales experience and having released 15 products into major markets, our experience in new product development and release assures that your new products will have the best possible chance to fit into target niche markets.  No product makes it to market without many complex projects going on within your organization.  Then, all at once, everything must come together to get a good product launch -- it's not easy! But, we've done it more than 15 times.  Our experience with product development and launch has developed dogmatic set of principals to drive that focused launch.  We can share that experience with your firm as either managing the product launch or as a consultant to your group.

Product Definition: Product market fit is the key to developing a product for the market.  If your product is defined with market fit and customer profiles in mind, chances for success are greatly increased.  If relying on technology to be the driving force in today's market -- good luck.  Knowledge of the customerís needs, wants and the influence of critical factors for a new product along with positioning and market timing are key issues for new products.  We provide research and evaluation for best possible product feature set that will appeal to the target market.

Product Revamping: Once a product has served the market for a period of time, competition and market shifts weigh in.  What are they? How do they affect the product?  How to address changes?  Revamp the product or change market approach?  All these questions come into play.  Having extensive experience with product marketing issues allows us to provide research and consultancy to adjust the issues that need change, leave issues alone that aren't broken and focus sales efforts into productive areas.

Product Life Cycle: As a product goes through its life cycle, those changes necessary to keep it going are important.  We study the market, key issues and make recommendations for changes and adjustments.  When it is time for a product to end, we can help with ending strategies.  The best one, in our opinion, is to have the replacement already launched.